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UCF Departments

ISC provides assistance to departments in bringing international students, scholars, faculty, and staff to UCF. We are a resource on which you can rely for immigration guidance. In this section, we have outlined the procedures for hiring an international employee, inviting a J scholar, filing an H-1B petition, and initiating the permanent residency process. We will be glad to assist you in determining the most appropriate visa category for a prospective international employee.

Please refer to the Graduate Program Director's Guide for more information about graduate study at UCF. This resource is designed for program directors and staff and serves as a reference tool, linking together the organizational material and university requirements that reflect the policies of the Board of Trustees and the university.

Please also refer to the College of Graduate Studies Policy Guide for more information about common policies that apply to graduate and international students. This guide will provide assistance to you in advising students.

The purpose of the information is to provide general guidance. Please contact ISC for more specific information or for case related inquiries.

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